A-List Entertainment



A- list Entertainment group was formed in 2019 and is quickly becoming an industy leader in the entertainment industry. To ensure that we provide the A-List treatment well established companies work together to form what is now A-List Entertainment Group. The A-list group includes:

My Secret Fetish- Specializing in  Adult Entertainment

Party Planning 2A Perfection- Specializing in Large and Small Event Planning

A-List Vacays- Specializing in Travel Accomodations

Texas Boy Entertainment- Specializing in Music and Media production and management

Altered Moodz- Specializing in personal styling

Why are we different from the rest? We specialize in not just one type of entertainment. We want to be your go to for all your events, travel planning, and services. Each event is personalized just for you. We are comprised of a team of experts who have 20+ years in the business and all share a passion for the entertainment industry .